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The purpose of this sight - was for those who was seeking intel and knowledge on a game that I was introduce too, and come to enjoy!

But I see now, in the future that it will become more - My hope and my vision for eMods.Net is this:

That A Voice - someone simple as me can - help unite in anyway I can a people that all seems we are loosing - to help those that stand in need of help - not just by giving them something - but having support and team work - and at the end of the day of that day - we can still be Friends - Have that common Respect for each other and look forward to many more days as that one! 

Enlightened I am and Play for -

Enlightened I wish to stand for Good! -



AKA: "DjM" The Messenger 

Be Careful of This Man - He is not mentally Stable yet they call me crazy-!!



eMods.Net started out as a Hobby - A Common interest in Ingress - A Game - that could bring each other together.


So I aka: @ShalalHashBaz - Welcome you to ®eMods.Net ©2015



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